Traveling to Japan

Join us as we travel in January, 2018, to Japan for the Tokyo Quilt Festival.  We start our tour in Kyoto for several days, then make our way to Tokyo.  We will be spending 13 days in lovely Japan learning about the culture through fabrics.  For more information, please contact me directly at Hope you can join us!  This is limited to a small group, so if you are interested, contact me as soon as possible.  The trip cost is approximately $7,000 + airfare and of course $$ for your purchases.

Sew Together Bag 7

I recently made a Sew Together Bag, pattern by SewDemented.

The last things you do are to add those tabs to the ends of the zipper that is bound to the outside edges. Then you’ll stitch them down, centered on the sides, in the same line as you used to stitch down the binding.

Then you’re done!!!


Have YOU made this Sew Together bag? What did you think of this pattern? What was your favorite aspect of the bag? Your least favorite? (Comment below or on our Facebook Page)

Sew Together Bag 6

I  made a Sew Together Bag, pattern by SewDemented, and this is how I finished it!

So now that you’ve got the lining and the exterior pin basted, you’ll be able to add the binding on the sides. If you’ve ever bound a quilt, it’s the same concept. I sew the binding on the right side, flip it to the wrong side, then stitch in the ditch on the front side to catch the binding in the back side.

So next you’ll need to put the long zipper onto the outside of the bag. Basically you’re binding the top and bottom edges of the bag with a zipper in the middle.

Then you’ll need to make the tabs for either side of the zipper, to attach it to the bag, making the handle on either side. I made my tabs larger to fit my zipper ends better. That Purple Thang makes turning those little tabs so much quicker, easier and smoother than just using any old pointy tool.

Finishing the bag will continue next time…8

Sew Together Bag 5

I recently made a Sew Together Bag, pattern by SewDemented. Now we’re adding the side panels.

This is the part of the pattern that has the most photos, It’s still the most difficult part.

So here you need to put the zipper heads into the middle of the pockets to keep them out of the way of your machine needle, so you don’t accidentally hit it and break the needle and ruin the zipper.

So then you’re going to want to match up the folds on your side pieces to the pockets. You’ll stitch through the side, pocket, and side again, to make an accordion shape.

Next you are going to put the lining with the pockets to the exterior. You’ll want to trim it to fit, then pin it together.

Next time we’ll add binding and the outside zipper…

Sew Together Bag 4

So, I recently made a Sew Together Bag, pattern by SewDemented, this is the continuing story of my progress.

So when you put the zippers in, you end up with two sections that look like this:

Then you have to add the center pocket lining and zipper. Then they have you stitch the lining pieces down to the side of the pockets (there’s a diagram).

Next we’ll be adding the side panels that used that crazy looking pattern piece, next time…

Sew Together Bag 3

Hi there!

I recently made a Sew Together Bag, pattern by SewDemented. Here’s how I did it…

So the next thing you need to do is to start putting together the pockets after you have them laid out how you want them. I used 14 inch zippers for 2 reasons.

#1, We have a bigger selection of colors in the 14 inch zipper than the called for 9 inch.
#2, It’s easier to sew in a zipper that is longer than you need.

Let me explain that #2 part… So when you’re sewing in a zipper, you need to stitch all along the side, fairly close to the teeth depending on what style zipper you’re putting in, right? Right. So what happens if you use a zipper that is exactly the right size? You have to fiddle with the head of the zipper, stopping sewing, hoping it will be small enough to fit under your presser foot so you don’t have to cut the thread and start a new line of stitching, and also hoping it doesn’t catch the thread, also requiring you to stop and start. Pain in the rear if you ask me. So, what do you do if you use a zipper that is LONGER than what you need? You put that head down at the bottom, off the area where you’ll be sewing. It stays out of the way, no stopping and re-starting.  Now if you begin to panic, thinking there will be a long tail of the zipper hanging out, don’t worry. We can cut it off once we’re done sewing both sides of the zipper into the fabric. Just zip it up, stitch across the bottom end a few times creating a thread stopper, then cut off the rest. If you’re still worried, you can even melt the very bottom (don’t get flame too close to the fabric, we don’t want to set the cotton on fire). But I find melting un-necessary.

Another thing that I did to keep the zipper in place while I stitched, I used Bohn 1/4 inch Double Face Basting Tape. It kept it in place without having pins making little divots in the stitch line.

To be continued…

Sew Together Bag 2

Sew Together Bag Pattern

Hi there!

I recently made a Sew Together Bag, pattern by SewDemented.

Side PanelsSo  to continue, you stitch together the side panel pieces using the pattern piece included in the pattern. You’ll want to remember to clip the corners before using a Purple Thang to turn it. I am not sure why it works better than a straight awl, but the curve to the tip of the Purple Thang really makes it nice to poke out and turn corners.

The next thing you’ll want to do is lay out your lining and pocket lining pieces. The image they use shows the lining pieces then they group two pocket linings into one gray piece.

It’s really Lining, Pocket Lining, Zipper, Pocket Lining, Lining, Pocket Lining, Zipper, Pocket Lining, Lining, Pocket Lining, Zipper, Pocket Lining, Lining. It’s nice to lay it out before you go onto the next step. You can see how everything is laid out, and if you do what I did, and use different colored zippers, you can rearrange it and see how you want it to look.

To Be Continued…

Sew Together Bag 1

Sew Together Bag Pattern

Hi there!

Floral Fabrics

I recently made a Sew Together Bag, pattern by SewDemented.

I used some REALLY cute fabrics. For the outside I used some adorable, sweet florals. Heirloom, Romance and Armand. For the inside I used Vintage Dressmaking in Pink, then for the lining of each of the pockets I used Gratitude Blooms gray.

The pattern calls for Three 9″ zippers. I used the 14″ YKK zippers and just cut them down to size. It helps to make sewing in the zippers so much easier. But we’ll get to that later…

Fabrics and Instructions

So the pattern recommended quilting the outer layer, but there were no patterns or anything, just a finished size. I added a strip on either side before quilting them down to a thin quilt batting in about 1 inch squares.

Once you get the outside layer pieced and quilted, I just set it aside and started onto the inside.

To Be Continued…

Gratitude Blooms

Charming Challenge

We have seven different projects that have been turned in for the Charming Challenge.  Everyone used at least half of a 5″ charm package for their projects.  Now we need everyone to vote on their favorite project.  They are listed below.

Number one, a small quilt with folded flowers on it, check the close up below:

We had several Mondo/Midi Bags turned in:

Number Two, a Mondo Bag with a pieced handle

Number Three, a Mondo Bag with a strip handle

Number Four, a pinwheel quilt

Number Five, a Midi Bag with embroidery on it.

Number Six, a paper pieced flower quilt.

Number Seven, a clamshell wall hanging.  For some reason, this doesn’t want to show it right side up!

So, in the comments below, please post which one is your favorite or stop in the shop to see them up close and vote there.  Voting ends on Saturday, April 23rd!

CEO Challenge

What is a CEO?  Well, this is what we will be calling “Completely Executed Objects”  and you will find that you will become the boss of your sewing room.

This is how it will work:

  1. Make a numbered list of 6 projects you wish to complete in the next 6 months (through June).  This can be a binding or something that you’ve only cut out or anything partially finished, something that has been started just not completed.  Make the list in the order you wish to finish the project, so number one would be January’s project, two would be February’s project and so on.   Then email a copy of the list to or bring in a written copy to the shop. Keep a copy for yourself.  You can share photos on our Facebook ( page if you’d like.
  2. Finish that month’s project before the end of the month and bring it in for show and tell.  We will take pictures and post your finished pictures in an album on our Facebook page.  You will be entered to win a $25 Material Girls Gift Card for each month that you bring in and show us the finished item.  If you are out of town, email us the picture of the finished project and we can post it in the album.
  3. At the end of the six months, everyone who has finished all six of their projects will be entered in a drawing for a $50 Material Girls Gift Card!    We hope that a lot of you participate and become the Boss of your sewing room.
  4. Lists need to be submitted by Saturday, January 9th.


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